Freelance Graphic Design Hourly Rates

Freelance Graphic Design Hourly Rates

Freelance graphic design hourly rates — what should I charge?

Sometimes, especially early on in your career, freelance graphic design hourly rates may be hard to figure out. My intital reaction is, if you have to ask, then start low. But in all honesty, it depends on several factors, mostly what people are willing to pay. Here are the factors to look at.

Factors that determine your freelance graphic design hourly rates

If you are experienced and talented, if your work is getting rave reviews from former and current clients and the design community, you may be able to charge on the higher end of the spectrum. But it also has to do with what services you offer, the demand of those services (the market), and the region that you live in can also play a factor. If there are several designers that you’re competing with in say, Los Angeles, you may have to charge lower to outbid other designers.

The type of service you offer is a big deal as well. Do you code your own sites in CSS? Do you provide SEO or social media services?
Do you design products and offer schematics? Do you project manage? Do you offer PR and marketing services? Search engine optimization?

Tip: After doing a bit of research, start with a number you think is fair. Then see how your prospective customers respond. If everyone is jumping at the chance to hire you, maybe your price is too low. If customers tell you it’s too high, and you’re having trouble landing business, either the price is too high, or you’re not making a compelling enough argument as to why it should be that price. Test and revise your rate offering!

Here are some very broad freelance graphic design hourly rates for certain levels of expereice. Note: these are ballpark numbers. Adjust for your situation:

Student / Self-Taught Beginners – $20 – $30/hour
Designer – Senior Designer – $35 – $50/hr
Senior Designer – Creative Directors – $65 – $120/hr
Design agencies – $100 and up

Again, these are just vague estimates of graphic design hourly fees, which other factors can affect. Think about your market, your city, and everything mentioned above. Graphic designers, what rate do you charge? Tweet us: @graphicdesign23. When you do land that project, promote your brand with MOO Stickers!

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